Florida Man Pretty Sure Constitution Lets Him Shoot Anyone He Wants By Accident

See? Problem solved!

[contextly_sidebar id="zt4je7xj25T7JndjCw3iWksrHL96QrNx"]Florida is very, very proud of its wonderful gun laws, which in addition to the always-delightful "Stand Your Ground" legislation that allows citizens to defend themselves against scary blacks in hoodies, also include another law that not only allows gun owners to fire weapons on private property any damn time they feel like it, but also prohibits municipal governments from placing restrictions on such backyard gun ranges. The only limit the state law places on backyard shooting ranges is that you can't fire your boomstick "recklessly or negligently" on your own land, although even that limitation seems to offer plenty of leeway, because as everyone knows, Americans need guns to keep ourselves safe from all the dangers to ourselves and our Liberty.

For instance, consider the plight of poor Harold Lanham, 21, of Collier County, Florida, who is currently facing a completely bogus felony charge of "shooting a missile into a dwelling," all because he made a teensy little mistake while taking target practice in his backyard. Like any safety-minded Responsible Gun Owner, Lanham had built up a 3 foot high berm of sand as a backstop for his improvised firing range. But on February 7, he aimed a little bit high, and a bullet flew over the barrier, hitting a sliding glass door and also the hand of 14-year-old Deborah Ledesma, whose home is directly beyond Lanham's back yard, according to a report from WFTX-TV:

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