Florida Republicans Rapidly Scrubbing Charlie Crist From All Websites, Pamphlets

Florida Republicans Rapidly Scrubbing Charlie Crist From All Websites, Pamphlets

This fellow is currently gracing the front page of the Republican Party of Florida's website. Who is this dingus, Jeff Kottkamp? Jeff Kottkamp himself probably doesn't know! And while we don't know whether Jeff Kottkamp was on the front page yesterday, or the day before, or six months ago, or during the launch of the Internet in 1563, wedo know that we'll probably be seeing much more of this awkward man on official state party literature in the future, during the Scrubbing of Charlie Crist.

An interesting tidbit from one of TPM's ten million articles from just this morning:

We asked the GOP source what steps were being taken to run against Crist, and got an amusing answer: The Florida GOP is making preparations to rewrite their political literature, to remove Crist. "The governor is the elected head of our party, so just from a logistical standpoint, in terms of a lot of our printed materials, our website, some of the branding that we've done, and things like that, we really have to go back and reevaluate," said the source. "We don't want to presume what the governor's announcement is going to be. All signs point to him leaving the party, so all the preparation we've done from a logistical standpoint is going back and seeing what changes need to be made, seeing as the sitting governor will no longer be a member of our party after today."

All Hail Jeff Kottkamp! Jeff Kottkamp! Jeff... forgot it already! FOUR MORE YEARS FOR THAT GUY 'Jeff'!

[Republican Party of Florida]



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