Florida Still Ruining Democracy For the Rest of Us

If your state isn't listed, your primary is tomorrow. - WonketteThe Florida legislature voted to move their Presidential primary elections up to January 29, throwing the nomination process into even more chaos. If Ohio tries this shit, the 600 people running for President will probably replace their canvassing staffs with teams of expertly trained CIA assassins.

Florida's move has caused South Carolina to threaten to move theirs; they just love being first down there, it's part of the inferiority complex of all states with a cardinal direction in their names. New Hampshire declared that they'd move theirs too, possibly even to late 2007. New Hampshire very much likes having the first Primary in the nation, and if that means having theirs before the Iowa caucuses, then so be it. Iowa can move thier bullshit to Thanksgiving '07 if they care so damn much.

According to this Times graphic, DC decided to move its primary to before Iowa and New Hampshire at some point, but no one noticed. Do you think we could convince the DC government to just give our electoral votes to the phone operator lady from the Easter Motors ad?

Seeking an Edge, Florida Changes Its Primary Date [NYT]


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