These people are insaneFlorida, you are so much more than your crime shows featuring red-headed heros such as David Caruso and that guy from Six Feet Under. You are a nation of alligators, Cubans, ancient Giuliani supporters, and gun-toting lunatics -- and now you are encouraged to show up at your place of employment armed to the gills. Your legislature makes it so!

The Florida Senate just passed a bill that says businesses can't keep well-meaning, Second Amendment-embracing employees and customers from taking a gun with them to work and leaving it in their car. This is a major victory for Charlton Heston's (may he rest in peace) National Rifle Association and for citizens everywhere. Here's one happy Floridian:

"It's absolutely absurd," said Martin Daugherty, owner of Image Depot in St. Petersburg. "My taxes are going up, they are talking about closing courts and not funding health care, and they are passing stuff like this?"

YOU'RE WELCOME, MARTIN DAUGHERTY. Just remember who to thank the next time a crazed gunman wanders into Image Depot and one of your employees runs out to his or her car for a gun and then runs back in and guns down the gunman and saves your ass!

Legislature: It's okay to bring a gun to work [St. Petersburg Times]


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