FLOTUS Celebrates Birthday, is Crowned Queen of Nickelodeon

Hooray, today is our dear FLOTUS' birthday! Hopefully you are celebrating this special day with one of those cake-flavored yogurts and a fewjumping jacks. FLOTUS foes are of course marking the occasion by continuing their Occupy Denny's protest, which is probably the longest-running and most effective (hello, obesity!) movement of this century. Last year, our Michelle turned 47 on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, ringing in her next year of life with a church service...yawn. Maybe that was fine last year, but our FLOTUS is ten times the celebrity she was in 2011. She was recently featured in a scandalous book about how awful it is to live in the White House, and just yesterday, she starred in a popular children's television program. And apparently, she "nailed it." So on her birthday, we must ask, where is Michelle's Golden Globe?

Our FLOTUS exercised her new Twitter account last week to express her excitement for the big teevee debut. Her appearance on iCarly was part of her initiative to support military families. But some people, upon closer inspection of the program, have decided that perhaps the appearance was actually a sneaky way for Michelle Obama to promote Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama showed off her acting skills in a cameo on one of her daughters’ favorite shows on Monday: Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.”

Obama danced with the cast and played along as a game show contestant in the episode. And though she was playing herself, the role still required some acting chops, the “iCarly” stars said.

“She nailed it,” actor Jerry Trainor said during a screening of the episode in Alexandria, Va., on Friday.

But with the spotlight, comes extra scrutiny.

Critics have pounced on the first lady for the way she’s acted on-screen more than once. When Obama joked that she liked being called “your excellency” on “iCarly,” the line turned into a taunting headline on the Drudge Report. And some noted that Obama didn’t do enough heavy lifting on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Obviously most of the country would love to watch a two-hour special of our FLOTUS lifting two-by-fours and doing various things with drywall or whatever, but she has a campaign to run, people. Happy birthday, FLOTUS! Our pedometers beat for you. [Politico]


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