FLOTUS Dangerously Suggests Possible Woman President in 100 Years

Our dear First Lady Michelle Obama was out gardening yesterday, becausewhat else is new? Normally, our FLOTUS just hangs out in her vegetable garden, looking pretty and planting things basically to stick it to a nation that has resorted to fashioning tex-mex laxative alternatives out of Doritos. She is always pushing that envelope, our FLOTUS! But yesterday's garden experience was, refreshingly, not about vegetables and exercise. It was a 100th anniversary celebration of the cherry blossom trees that were given to the United States by longtime frenemies, the Japanese. (Although, considering Helen Taft was the one outside planting trees back in 1912, one could argue that this event was also a celebration of 100 years of obesity!) And of course, because she is Michelle Obama, our FLOTUS just had to say something SHOCKING during this otherwise boring commemorative event. Spoiler alert: she suggested that a woman could someday be president! Mon dieu.

Forget the cherry trees! Let's explore, through the creative use of gardening language, our Michelle Obama's statement about a "First Gentleman."

First lady Michelle Obama today marked the 100th anniversary of the gift of the Japanese cherry blossoms in Washington, by planting a new tree along the Potomac River.

She also planted the idea that it could be a man holding the ceremonial shovel, 100 years from now.

“I hope that on that day, the first lady — or the first gentleman — of 2112 will also have the privilege of joining with our friends from Japan, and planting another tree which will bloom for yet another 100 years and beyond,” she said during a ceremony, before tossing some dirt over the roots of a 5-year-old sapling.

Yes, perhaps in 100 years (ish), women will stop having to worry about being burned at the stake for taking The Pill (or for just having female reproductive parts in general) and will have time for other pursuits, like the presidency. The future is bright! That's what the cherry blossoms are telling us, anyway. [ABC]


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