For a brief moment, our First Lady Michelle Obama's appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show was all fun and games. Our FLOTUS danced her way onto the stage in her usual style and thensat down with Ellen to discuss (what else?) Barack Obama's socks. The gossip is that Barack Obama does not pick up his socks! But our FLOTUS did not really go all the way out to the Ellen show to discuss the White House cleaning services. It was, of course, all about Let's Move! and childhood obesity. And we would be very bored by this, except that this time, the jackets came off! Our Michelle revealed her workout secrets and then got down on the floor to demonstrate why everyone must fear the arms of America's First Lady of Fitness. And then some right-wing people on the Internet used their personal mobility devices to drive across the living room to the 'puter, to complain about the first lady's "form."

Michelle Obama must have known that everyone had been waiting for this display. Watch how she subtly brags about her workout routine, and then taunts Ellen DeGeneres by making fun of her "back issues." That's our Michelle!

And then some fitness experts from the Wingnut Republican Party (?) said Michelle Obama wasn't really doing pushups at all:

  • Alright, just watched the video. They are not proper nose to the ground push-ups, but rather partial half reps. So, not quite as impressive then.
  • Not even close to a proper push-up..... well, maybe under liberal doctrine they are :)
  • Ha! Ellen let her win 'cause she likes to be on the bottom!
  • Why isn’t she doing those Push-ups at the White House instead of flying all over the country in a Government plane with Secret Service Agents, spewing for her Muslim husbands campaign at our expense.
  • Yes. Is it too much to ask for a First Lady with a little class and dignity? Nothing wrong with being "fit" and "athletic" but do you have to be an exhibitionist as well??
  • She got this way from the typical urban response to drive-bys...
  • [ABC News]


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