Focus Group Voters Believe John McCain Is A Frail Old Man With Old Fashioned Views

A foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution of 1812Democratic operatives won't have to bring up John McCain's age in the upcoming Presidential campaign -- because every American alive already knows that the presumptive Republican nominee is impossibly old, in failing health, and so brain-addled that he thinks proper birth control involves sea sponges and liniment. But will all these factors just remind Americans of Ronald Reagan, America's last demented old President, and lead to a landslide McCain victory in the fall?

Howard Dean doesn't think so:

Referring to what Dean characterized as the party's most conservative focus group in Charleston, W. Va., the DNC chairman said "the women in that group were shocked that [McCain] believed health insurance shouldn't cover birth control pills and they were shocked about his belief in abstinence only education."

Of course, nobody should be shocked by these "beliefs" of John McCain, since he was born before sex was invented.

Dean: McCain's Age Worries Voters [ABC News]


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