Foiled Again! Tomi Lahren Exposes Plan To Secretly Replace Biden With Harris

Foiled Again! Tomi Lahren Exposes Plan To Secretly Replace Biden With Harris

Last night on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, Tomi Lahren stopped by to have a discussion about the fact that Joe Biden tripped on some stairs, because "Oh wow that must mean he's too old or something is wrong with his brain, because those are the only reasons people ever fall on stairs!"

Despite Pirro's initial attempt to frame it as some kind of revenge for the time people made fun of Trump walking down stairs (or hypocrisy from the left), Lahren took it very seriously.

Tomi said:

Well again, we all feel sorry for Joe Biden, nobody wants to see anybody struggle, ever — but, the double standard is the only standard of the Left. We're not supposed to talk about mental acuity, we're not supposed to talk about mental stability.

Whether or not Tomi Lahren felt she was "allowed" to talk about mental acuity or stability, it was certainly a talking point among many conservative mouthpieces throughout the 2020 election. It's just that, with Trump as their president and candidate, this criticism did not hold a lot of water.

What Lahren seems to mean by the fact that people weren't "supposed" to talk about that is that when she talked about it, not everyone agreed with her. That seems to be true nearly every time she mentions something people aren't "supposed" to talk about. Most of us can and do talk about things even when we know other people will disagree with us. Tomi Lahren probably disagrees with most things I have to say. That doesn't mean I'm not "supposed" to say them.

Lahren then used this discussion to, strangely, expound on another theory she's not supposed to talk about — our nefarious plan to secretly replace Biden with Kamala Harris, like it's a freaking Folger's Crystals commercial.

The fact of the matter is this: the Left is going to dump Joe Biden in five months, maybe six months, and put Kamala in, as we all knew. We were never supposed to talk about this, we were never supposed to hint at this, that Joe Biden may not be up for the job. Now it's perfectly clear.

"As we all knew."

Of course, Lahren never gets to explicitly saying what the actual big deal would be if for some reason something happened and Harris replaced Biden.

This theory has become a bit of a meme on the Right, and was used during the election to "scare" moderate Republicans who felt that Joe Biden, a fairly middle-of-the-road, moderate white guy, wouldn't be so bad, but who might not feel "ready" for a Black woman president. Not that they're racist or sexist, mind you! They just need more time to prepare. It's never clear what conservatives do when they "prepare" for social change, largely because they never seem to complete the process.

Lahren continued on, brazenly listing things she's not allowed to talk about, and that she wouldn't talk about, because of how she is a very nice person who never has an unkind word for anyone, except that Biden is president and therefore it matters:

And we would never talk about somebody that was clearly mentally unstable, maybe somebody that was struggling, we would never talk about this. Except for the fact that this is the President of the United States of America. We have every right to talk about it, we have every right to be concerned.

Again, he fell on some stairs. I regularly fall on solid ground, in flats, while completely sober. My brain is fine, I just have weak ankles. Like Jennifer Lawrence.

I once sprained my ankle walking out of a bodega just because I overheard a mother saying to her kid "Passion Marie Mukowski, get up off the floor or you'll get spiders in your hooha" and could barely see straight from how hard I was trying to not crack up (or forget that perfect sentence) until I made it to the bar across the street. I broke my foot falling off a curb, into a puddle, on my 19th birthday, trying to go talk to a guy I had a crush on, who did not notice I had walked over until I got up. Rudely, this did not result in my life becoming a romantic comedy, but rather with me having to spend a summer showering with a garbage bag over my leg. I think it is fair to say that Joe Biden is 80,000 times more graceful than I have ever been. Falling up the stairs getting onto a plane is nothing to me.

But I digress!

His own party said, “Hey, maybe, maybe not the nuclear codes, maybe this is not the best idea.” So before they go and rip on conservatives for talking about mental acuity, they wanted to take the nuclear codes from Joe. Clearly, they all know something we all know. This is not good for our country. And the world knows it.

That is not even sort of what happened. She can keep saying "We all know it" and "the world knows it" all she wants, that doesn't make it true. Thirty Democrats, recalling who the last guy in charge was, sent a letter requesting that policy change so that starting a nuclear war is not just in the hands of one person, which seems like a good idea! The president is literally the only one who can change this policy going forward, and it wouldn't make much sense to wait until the president was another person who really shouldn't have this power all to themselves.

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Talk amongst yourselves!

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