Foley Staffer Begs Repubs To Pay His Legal Bills

Pagefuckergate! - WonketteK Street Republicans were "flabbergasted" by an e-mail begging for handouts to cover disgraced Foley chief of staff Kirk Fordham's legal bills. Even better, the e-mail was sent the morning after the Election Day Bloodbath.

"I am astonished by the audacity of this," a GOP lobbyist told The Hill. "They didn't even wait a respectful amount of time so that people could get over their grief over last night's results."

Classy. If you've already forgotten all the Men of Cocktober, when Foley quit Fordham went over to Tom Reynolds office but finally resigned last month after basically trying to take down the entire GOP House leadership by claiming Hastert & Co. knew all about Foley's taste for the page boys.

Republicans worry election lessons haven't been learned [The Hill]


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