It got cold. And, really now, because almost everyone in DC is a transplant from a warmer climate, temperatures below 65 degrees mean it'sfreezing in the District. Thankfully, many DC restaurants recognize that the city's inhabitants are all wusses and offer delivery. Let the hibernation begin.

  • Pete's Apizza: Food delivery was born in the form of pizza delivery, but now you can get good, not doused in grease, pizza delivered to your doorstep. Pete's Apizza sells some of the best pizza in DC (we recommend the Elm City or the Boola Boola) and they deliver it for a moderate fee of just $3. [Pete's Apizza]
  • Soup Girl: Soup is the ideal cold weather food and Soup Girl will deliver her fresh soup to you for only $1.85 extra. Only strange/problematic thing is the delay- you put your order in on Thursday, but don't get your soup until the following Monday. [Souper Girl]
  • DC Noodles: This place is known for its delicious noodle soups and they will deliver them right to your doorstep for no additional fee and in under 45 minutes. Smart folks that they are, they package the noodles and vegetables separately from the broth so nothing gets soggy. [DC Noodles]
  • Taylor Gourmet: Taylor's is a gourmet deli that makes damn good hoagies, and they will deliver them and other delicious deli items to you for a $2 delivery fee. [Taylor Gourmet]
  • Chinese Food: Just about every Chinese food restaurant in the city delivers, but we recommend going with City Lights of China 1) because the Moo Shu is excellent and 2) because you can place your order on-line and avoid any language barrier food fiasco's. [City Lights of China]
  • Kosher Food: For all the Jews in the District who desire Kosher meat and hate Eli's (because it's gross), you can now get Rabbi blessed meat via delivery.  [Kosher Express]

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