Food For The Wealthy And Maybe The Rest of Us


  • Wednesday, September 2: Soon it will be freezing, and you will be complaining about how summer is gone and how the cold came too soon, so you might as well enjoy the last days of summer sun with an outdoor happy hour. Public Bar, though filled with popped collar, sporty, we-won't-go-there types on weekends, is a positivity lovely spot for a weeknight happy hour, especially because it goes until 8PM. [Public Bar]
  • Thursday, September 3: The Mayflower Hotel, the go-to spot for inappropriate shenanigans, hosts a monthly Thursday Night Social Club that features food, cocktails, music and hobnobbing with people you probably don't want to talk to for just $20. Plus, unless you're a governor, a prostitute, or independently wealthy, this may be one of your only opportunities to actually go inside the hotel. [Mayflower Hotel]
  • Saturday, September 5: The Old Ebbitt Grill is hosting its first ever Labor Day block party, and, again, unless you're a governor, a prostitute, or independently wealthy, you may not be able to afford the hefty price tag ($75) that lets you indulge in great food and drinks and a live performance by... let's see here... a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band! (?) [Old Ebbitt Grill]
  • Saturday, September 5: September is National Chicken Month, dedicated to the slaughter and consumption of chickens. Who knew we needed a month to mark their extinction, but we have one, and to celebrate Chef Geoff's is hosting a chicken cooking class on Saturday for $55. [Chef Geoff's]
  • Food to Look Forward to: A new Pho place, Pho Viet, is opening soonish in Columbia Heights, the Pizzeria Paradiso/Bierra Paradiso in Dupont moved two doors down to a larger space (though you will still have to wait years for a table), and Thai Tanic II is slated to open the second week of September.

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