For $1,525, Do Literally Whatever You Want To Glenn Beck, In New York


If gettingdouble-teamed by James Carville and Paul Begala is not your "cup of tea bags," then head on over to the eBay and have your credit card ready! Glenn Beck, dough-head wingnut star of Fox TeeVee's Goin' Nuts Again with Glenn Beck, is selling his puffy body and all its orifices, on eBay! For one glorious day, you can do whatever you want to Glenn Beck! We bet it's for some weird cause like preventing gay marriage. You don't have to marry him, jeez! Just do whatever you like. Put him on a dog leash, cum in his ears, re-enact that Two Girls, One Cup youtube, whatever. It's your day. It's your Glenn Beck. (Probably not legal to kill him, although who knows what the laws are in New York City, the way they are waging a campaign of brutality against Rush Limbaugh and all that.) []


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