For Amber Waves of Grain -- and the President's Magical Powers

The United States and Iran have their differences these days. But we have a lot in common, too. Both of our leaders can pose in front of visually pleasing yet bizarre backdrops:


Look at the way Bush's right hand shimmers with magical powers, causing the field of grain behind him to undulate hypnotically. The president's not just the Decider; he's a sorcerer, too.

And check out the giant broccoli stalk, melting a la Dali, over his left shoulder. This photo is pretty damn cool.

Who needs renewable fuel? Let's just have our magician-in-chief turn some water into gasoline. Right after he learns how to ride a bike without training wheels.


President Bush Waves [AP Photo]

The First Student: Learning To Ride A Big Boy's Bike! [Flickr]

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