For the Holidays, Cheap Weed Gets Cheaper

weed.jpgBefore we sign off to either have dinner with our extended family and celebrate the birth of Christ or, alternately, get Chinese and go to a movie, we wanted to bring you some actual good tidings. On this joyous Christmas Eve, the Houston Chronicle is boastfully reporting just how cheap weed has gotten in Texas, and how the price hasn't changed since, like, Reagan. The going rate has been $60 to $80 per ounce since about 1982 and, my oh my, in this crazy world isn't it nice to have something to hold on to? Point of information: after doing a little back-of-the-napkin math, we at Wonkette have determined that since 1982, the dollar has lost about half its value, and thus, when you spend $60 on cheap Mexican marijuana today, it's like buying it for $30 in 1982. Smoke up, Houston. It's motherfucking Christmas time. [Houston Chronicle]


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