For the Record: Ada Smith Is Even More Crazy Than We Thought

senator%20ada%20l%20smith%20ada%20smith%20crazyy%20insane%20new%20york%20senator.jpgEarlier today, we blogged about New York State Senator Ada Smith, who has been accused of assaulting a former aide by throwing hot coffee in her face and pulling at her hairpiece. We were then deluged with reader mail about additional misdeeds by Senator Smith.

Here's one representative message:

You should probably mention this in your ada L smith post: "Smith was also charged with biting a New York City police officer's hand during a traffic dispute in 1998. In 1996, she was accused of threatening a former staff member with a knife. In both cases, Smith denied the charges."

oh, and don't forget the middle initial, i've personally been reprimanded for such a demonical offense.

Another reader directed us to this article, which mentions that Smith has "been accused of threatening a staff member with a cleaver." And check out these song lyrics, an Ada-licious reworking of a Britney Spears classic.

In sum, Senator Ada L. Smith is far more insane than we originally reported. We regret the error.

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