For the Record: Finlay Lewis Did Not Oversleep

But he did have what sounds like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Here's what actually happened with respect to yesterday's White House pool report, from Mr. Lewis himself (whose email we reprint with his permission):

finlay%20lewis%20copley%20news%20service.jpgYou might have at least picked up on my invitation to call for details. No, I didn't oversleep -- I'm recovering from surgery and my pain pills didn't kick in until 4 a.m. There was a communications mixup with my back up meaning the one and only poolable event - Bush's appearance with the governors -- was uncovered. Scott's announcement and the aborted takeoff were open coverage, and therefore not my responsibility. I included those items only for the sake of the making a little fun of myself -- systems failures etc. I arrived in the office to deal with the missed pool assignment with four hours sleep and my arm in a sling.

We apologize to Finlay Lewis, a well-respected veteran of the White House press corps, for the incorrect implications of our original post. As for why we didn't call him for details, well, we're bloggers -- we can't remember the last time we picked up the phone!

(When we've called people in the past, in our feeble attempt to engage in this thing you call "reporting," we've gotten less than stellar responses.)

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