For the Record: The Spanking Fetishist Is at the Other Campus

arkansas%20map.gifHere at Wonkette, we own up to our mistakes. Earlier today, we stated that Robert Steinbuch, the former lover of Jessica Cutler who is now suing her for invasion of privacy, teaches at the same law school where Bill Clinton -- another man with a thing for interns -- once taught.

This was erroneous (as several readers explained to us). Here was our favorite correction email:

Forgive the hairsplitting from flyover land (it's our third favorite hobby here, after flag-wavin' and meth-producin'), but Mssr. Steinbuch, Esq. is imparting his knowledge at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock law school, not here at the flagship campus in Fayetteville (where Mssr. Clinton, ex-Esq. once taught). While this fact does little to change the gist of your story, it does have some important potential consequences for our quaint inter-school rivalry.

First, it clearly advantages our law students over those in Little Rock, since they can focus on torts and such without the distraction of forcing thoughts about 'entry through exits' from their minds. Second, it reinforces our latent sense of superiority over our lesser counterpart in the state capital. Here in flagship Fayetteville, we hire people before they go on to achieve distinction through indiscretion, while poor Little Rock is left to employ has-beens whose days of scandalous productivity have passed them by.

We regret the error -- and apologize to the good people of Fayetteville.

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