For the Record: Tom Malin Is a Gay Ex-Prostitute, Not an Ex-Gay Ex-Prostitute

tom malin 3.jpegThis may soon be moot, since early returns suggest that Tom Malin has lost to Jack Borden in the Democratic primary for Texas District 108. After today, we'll have to find some other ex-prostitute running for office to make fun of.

But here at Wonkette, we're all about accuracy, so we'd like to make this correction anyway. To the extent that any of our prior coverage suggested that Malin was an ex-gay ex-prostitute -- i.e., someone who was rejecting both his past life as a prostitute and homosexuality -- we apologize. It appears that Malin is still gay; he's just no longer a prostitute.

After the jump, two reader emails on the subject.

Here's the first message we received:

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your coverage of Tom Malin. (Whoops. I can, and I think I just did.) But I have to point out, I'm pretty sure he's not an ex-gay. He's just an ex-prostitute. I don't think he denies being a big 'mo -- he just engages in ass-fucking out of the goodness of his heart now, rather than taking money for it. (Because, really, would an ex-gay ask for and receive endorsements from gay Democratic groups, or be a member of Dallas's gay choir?)

(Don't you think being an admitted member of the Turtle Creek Chorale is a worse crime than being a former Mary Kay salesman or a former whore? Because at least the things he used to do weren't boring.)

And here's the second -- making the same point, although less nicely (but who are we to complain about a lack of sweetness?):

in your rush to bash, you fail to get facts. tom malin may be an ex-prostitute but he is not ex-gay and as far as i know as never claimed to be a "reformed" homosexual. it may be fun for you to ridicule, but you might at least do so on an informed basis. i would have pointed out your carelessness with the truth on your site, but you apparently prevent people from doing so. smart move.

Thanks for keeping us accurate -- we can't do this without you! (We sent both of these correspondents -- even the grumpy one -- some comment invites.)

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