For Want of a Decent NYT Cover...

Are They Trying To Fuck UsMore clips from "Inside the Bubble," a documentary about the John Kerry summer camp and home for wayward boys. In these scenes, we learn more reasons why John Kerry is not the president of the United States. First, the NYT conspired against him:

By any objective standard, what the fuck is that? This is the fucking New York Times fucking Magazine! Look at the fucking picture! Look at the inside! They're not trying to fuck us?
Really it was more of a "clusterfuck," we think. Also:
There were a couple times where I said, Steph, these guys are having negative personal reactions to your personality. You need to hear that.
Now if only someone had said that to Kerry....

NYT Cover QT

The Stephanie Factor QT, WMV [Link removed by director because he is saving it for Jon Stewart.]


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