Forced Birth Group Super Mad Facebook Won't Let Them Tell Ridiculous Lies

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Forced Birth Group Super Mad Facebook Won't Let Them Tell Ridiculous Lies

Making shit up is nothing new to the Susan B. Anthony List. After all, the entire premise of their organization — that Susan B. Anthony was deeply opposed to abortion, including the safe and legal abortion we have today — is bullshit based on a few quotes that are either misattributed or taken out of context. In reality, Anthony didn't really say a whole lot about abortion, particularly legal abortion, which did not exist in New York until 1970, a full 64 years after she died.

This time, however, the lie they are pushing is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris believe that abortion should be legal right up until the moment of birth. Not only do they not believe that, it's not a thing. Like, in no way is that a real thing that happens, anywhere, or that anyone thinks should happen.

But they claimed this on an ad on Facebook, and were then told that they could not put that ad on Facebook because of how it was full of lies, and now they are very mad about it. They are calling it "election interference by Big Tech."

The ad claims:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are extreme on abortion. Biden and Harris support abortion up until the moment of birth all at taxpayer expense. And they promise to nominate only pro-abortion judges. Biden and Harris. Troubling ideas, disturbing policies.

Gosh, it sure is surprising that Facebook wouldn't run that ad, or that fact checkers would say it was false, just because neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris have ever said they support abortion "up until the moment of birth" and it is just a thing the Susan B. Anthony Foundation made up. The way they'd have you believe it, there are just hordes of women and others out there getting pregnant, going through nine months of pregnancy — which of course is a walk in the park — and then just having abortions mid-labor, for funsies. Because of how they are evil.

Late term abortion, of course, does not mean "up until the moment of birth" — it refers to abortion from the 21st to 25th week of pregnancy, as abortion is illegal, everywhere, after the 25th week. The average pregnancy is about 40 weeks. It is possible that the Susan B. Anthony List is just as terrible at math as they are at history, but one would hope that even they could understand that 40 is 15 more than 25.

Also, late-term abortions only account for about 1.2 percent of all abortions. They're very rare, and often happen for medical reasons that are none of the Susan B. Anthony List's goddamn business.

As for paying for abortions with "taxpayer funds?" Sure! If we are paying for someone's medical care — because they have Medicaid or because they work for the government or the military — then they should get to use that insurance the same way as anyone else uses their health insurance. We shouldn't get to say "No, you can't do this one thing because some people are morally opposed to it," because there are people who are morally and religiously opposed to just about every medical procedure there is. We can't go around barring military personnel from receiving blood transfusions because the Jehovah's Witnesses don't approve, can we? We can't bar Medicaid and Medicare patients from receiving medical care because it might upset the Christian Scientists, either.

Everyone's tax money goes to things they might think are bad. My tax money goes to fund wars I don't believe in, prisons I don't believe in, and a police force that I don't believe in, at least in its current state. You know, where they're killing unarmed black people all of the time. That sucks! I don't like paying for that, but I do, because I live in this country. So I think these snots can handle allowing those who fight in those wars to have health insurance that covers anything they might need, medically. And that includes abortion.

So they can go around all day saying that Biden and Harris and practically everyone else in this country who isn't an asshole and can read and comprehend things believe that the Hyde Amendment should be abolished. Because that is true. What they can't say is that Biden, Harris, or literally anyone, supports "abortion up until the moment of birth" because that is insane and not true. Well, they can say it, but not on Facebook or anywhere else that won't allow them to lie.

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