Forced Resignations for All

* Wolfie's ready to quit, but you're not allowed to blame him for anything. [NYT]

* OR: The talks hit a wall, Wolfie's not quitting again. [WP]

* DoJ wanted to fire so, so many more attorneys. [WP]

* Everyone running for president in '08 is ridiculously wealthy and also Stalinst. [WP, NYT]

* James B. Comey: Great with dramatic testimony, terrible at being a good loyal Bush Republican. [NYT]

* The Senate's ready to make a deal on that Kennedy/McCain immigration bill that McCain doesn't want you to talk about. So expect all the other Republican candidates to keep talking about it, except for Rudy, who will just keep shouting "9/11! 9/11!" [WP]

* How could you hate a guy named Gary Beer, anyway? Allowing him to ruin the Smithsonian is a start, actually. [WP]


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