Forecast: Jobless With A Chance Of Swine Flu

  • Get ready for another jobless recovery, America! Unemployment is expected to rise even as the country begins to emerge from the recession. [Washington Post]
  • A hiker who went missing for three days in the Cascades just walked out of the woods, alive and everything. [Seattle Times]
  • New Zealand expects its swine flu cases to rise precipitously, because there is nothing better to do in New Zealand than catch the flu. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Iranians are using cell phone video to record all manner of grisly injustice that the established media cannot. [Guardian]
  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans support a public health-care plan, but thankfully, Congress doesn't listen to polls. [ABC News]
  • The medical school student accused of being the Craigslist killer will be formally arraigned today. [New York Times]

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