Oh God now it begins: our quadrennial debate about voter fraud versus vote suppression. The head of the Republican Party in Macomb County, Michigan has decided that a wonderful way to protect against "voter fraud" will be to get lists of foreclosed homes and check those against voter rolls to make sure that people whose houses are foreclosed -- and what is that, about 130 percent of all Michigan residents at this point? -- don't get to vote if they aren't residents of those addresses anymore.

Macomb County is in the Detroit metropolitan area and is among the most distressed counties in the nation in terms of the number of foreclosures it experiences monthly.

And according to our very esteemed and reliable information source called Wikipedia, Macomb County's black population doubled between 2000 and 2005 as African-Americans moved out of Detroit.

BUT! Of course none of the Macomb County Republican Party's actions could be construed as racist, because they just care about "making sure voters are who they say they are," not about preventing poor black people from voting for Obama, although presumably that would be one very significant side benefit.

Lose your house, lose your vote [Michigan Messenger]


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