Foreclosures May Make Republicans Vote for Woman or Black Guy

homelessrepub.jpgWhile the Iraq War, no productive legislation, a veto on children being healthy, destruction of the environment, Dick Cheney existing and what all may not be enough for certain moderate Republicans to swing left in the '08 election, their becoming homeless might do the trick. According to a WSJ story this morning, "Six of the 10 states with the highest foreclosure rates in the country last month are considered by leaders of both parties to be swing states." And since the Republicans are George W. Bush and he are the current president, the GOP will take the blame for stealing people's houses. But despite the visceral torture a realization such as "I have no home" can cause, it might not be as scary for some voters as "I voted for a socialist whore" or "I voted for teh black."

How Housing Turmoil Could Hurt Republicans in '08 [WSJ}


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