Not Ryan Lochte.

It seems all the internetz can talk about right now is Ryan Lochte and #LochteGate, and did the world's stupidest Olympian lie about getting robbed when in actuality he and his buddies frat boy-ed into a gas station, fucked shit up and left, like dumb frat boys? Meh, we do not care. We'd rather talk about an American Olympian who is not misbehaving (allegedly!), and he is not misbehaving in the very best way: by getting nekkid, while doing gymnastics!

Danell Leyva won two silver medals in Rio, and at the post-competition gala, where all the gymnasts show off their business for fun and sport, Leyva decided to show off LOTS OF HIS BUSINESS. He didn't actually get all the way nekkid, because that would be NSFW, but he definitely stripped his leotard down while doing parallel bars to "Fireball" by Pitbull. Consider this your dance party video, since we skipped that this week. (You actually have to click over to YouTube, because NBC Sports is stingy as fuck.)

The boy gymnasts of America have indeed said they want to compete shirtless, and we guess that's fine, if they're more comfortable that way. They can also go all the way nekkid if they want, but that Japanese pole vaulter's bad experience with his own penis knocking him out of medal contention might make them think twice about that.

Anyway, back to Danell Leyva. On top of being an all around great gymnast and a very sexxxy man, he is also a super feminist and LGBT rights-supporter! And he's not afraid to say that his biggest inspiration in gymnastics is gazillion gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles. And also this:

A quick scan of all things Leyva, and you’ll find enthusiastic reblogging of feminist-centric topics, such as supporting safe and legal abortion and the amplification of body positivity. You’ll find support for people of color and LGBTQ communities, alongside positive promotion of female (and male) athletes he shares the Olympic and world stage with. [...]

For example, Leyva was asked by popular gymnastics post GymCastic host Jessica O’Beirne in a 2015 episode whether he felt that the FIG — the international governing body of gymnastics — should move FIG-sanctioned world cup competitions out of the nations where citizens don’t have equal rights. Leyva, who had advocated in support of a gay teammate to move the 2015 U.S. Gymnastics championships from Indiana to another location after the state passed discriminatory legislation, answered simply, “I’m going to say yes, that is what we should do. That is the type of action we need to take to make an actual change.” He added later, “I’m still a little heated that championships are in Indiana.”

He is A Ally!

For more on how much of A Ally he is, enjoy these videos he posted on the Instagrams, about the Pulse Orlando shootings, transgender bathroom rights, and how straight people allies SHOULD act. Here's how it ends:

The love within the LGBT community is so much stronger than the hatred against it, and it is our responsibility as non-LGBT people to help emulate this love, and create a world where LGBT people don't need to create their own safe spaces. [...]

Thank you so much for listening to my rant, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and if you didn't, please unfollow me. Thank you, bye.


A video posted by Danell J Leyva (@danelljleyva) on

A video posted by Danell J Leyva (@danelljleyva) on

See? Now you have forgotten all about dumb Ryan Lochte, oops we just reminded you of dumb Ryan Lochte. Our bad.

[Huffington Post / Danell Leyva on Instagram]

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