Forgetful Trump Doesn't Even Remember His Good Friend Prince Andrew. Oh Forgetful Trump!

Forgetful Trump Doesn't Even Remember His Good Friend Prince Andrew. Oh Forgetful Trump!

Over the weekend, BBC Panorama aired an interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a woman who has said for several years that she was sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend/partner in sex crimes Ghislaine Maxwell — and, more specifically, that one of the men she was trafficked to was Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Giuffre says that she was first approached by Epstein when she, as a teenager, was working as a locker room attendant at Mar-a-lago, and that soon after, she was flown to London to be raped by Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew, for his part, claims he never even met the girl, despite the fact that there is a photo of the two of them together.

Naturally, he claims the photo was "doctored."

In the interview, Giuffre describes an incident in which Prince Andrew was sweating all over her and dancing terribly, which he claims cannot be true because he "did not sweat" at the time in question, due to suffering from an actual medical condition that made it impossible for him to sweat. Unsurprisingly, there are also many pictures of him sweating.

But it seems that Prince Andrew is not the only one out there with such a fabulously convenient selective memory — his buddy Donald Trump, apparently, suffers from the very same condition.

During a press conference on Tuesday, reporters asked Trump, who was in London for a NATO summit, for his reaction to the fact that Prince Andrew has been asked to step back from public life, due to his questionable relationship with dead sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, with whom Trump was also friends, as well as accusations that he raped a trafficked teenage girl himself. That last "he" there, about the teen-girl-raping, refers to Prince Andrew, though we can see why you might be confused.

"I don't know Prince Andrew but it's a tough story, it's a very tough story," Trump said, hoping that would be the end of that.

And perhaps it would have been, if there were not multiple pictures of Donald Trump and Prince Andrew hanging out over the years — including one where Jeffrey Epstein was actually in the background. Perhaps it would have been, if they had not just had a breakfast meeting in June, during Trump's three-day visit to Britain.

Now, I am not good at faces. I once introduced myself to a guy who then responded "Yeah, Robyn. I know you. We dated for like a month." I contend that this was his fault for not being compelling enough for me to remember. But I can tell you that if I met a prince, I would totally remember that. Especially if we had just had breakfast a few months ago. No one forgets meeting a Prince! I had a two-second conversation with Jared Leto when I was 19 that consisted primarily of me saying, "Why are you like that, like how you are?" and then giggling like an idiot, and I still tell that story every time his name comes up. Granted, Donald Trump has met far fancier people in his life than I have, but there is no way that dude is forgetting the times he hung out with an actual prince, barring some kind of cognitive issue. Especially considering how creepily obsessed he was with Prince Andrew's former sister-in-law, Princess Diana of Wales.

There are only two possibilities here. Donald Trump is either a lying liar, or he is dealing with some pretty serious cognitive decline, in which case he simply must be declared unfit for office. I guess there is a third possibility where both of those things are true.

What is not possible, however, is that he, as he says, doesn't know Prince Andrew, or that he is a normal person with a normally functioning brain who simply blanked on that time he had breakfast with a literal Prince. Just like how Prince Andrew totally blanked on, at the very least, having his picture taken with a 17-year-old girl being sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.


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