Former AIG Head Maurice R. Greenberg Is Up To His Old Tricks—Because He Is 84 Years Old, See?


  • Maurice R. Greenberg, the impossibly geriatric former head of AIG, has been quietly luring young, unsuspecting insurance execs to his new firm. [New York Times]
  • Harry Reid promised out loud that the new health care bill will have a public option, which means it actually might! [Washington Post]
  • Like half an hour ago, NASA sent the the largest rocket ever (327 ft.) into space. The moon was unharmed. [CNN]
  • Starting nowish, a Senate committee will meet for the next three days in order to figure out some tenable clean energy initiatives. It's bipartisan, because look: Lamar Alexander! [Reuters]
  • Over the last three days, 700 adults were arrested in sweeping sex-with-children raids that spanned 36 cities. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Somali pirates not only continue to exist if everyone pretty much ignores them, they also apparently continue to kidnap British people. [Times Online]

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