Former Burris Consultant: 'Don't Blame Me'

Roland Burris! This guy! The respected Chicago politician who has his own glamorous mausoleum already built and who repeatedly lost in his many attempts at seeking a public office higher than dog catcher managed to weasel his way into the Senate by calling Harry Reid a racist. As we watched events unfold in December and January we were frankly amazed by his PR strategy which involved, number one, accepting an appointment by a TAINTED governor that literally no other self-respecting Democrat in the state would take, and number two, again, calling Harry Reid a racist.

But this completely shameless strategy totally worked, because Roland Burris got his Senate seat after all, and then everything was awesome.

Until it came out that maybe he hadn't told the state legislature everything he should have told them during the impeachment proceedings against Blagojevich, and the more he explained the worse he looked. You know whose fault this is? His communications team's. And a Burris consultant just sent out a memo saying, "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS COMMUNICATIONS-RELATED LOSINGNESS," which is funny mostly for its terrible misspellings.

I know based on my own private conversations and experience that Senator Roland Burris has been the victim of bad advice and, when set-up to fail, he certainly shall we say, has had less than adeqaute attempts to better and more clearly inform the public at a press conference, or two. It has ben painful to watch.

And this is a guy who was enough of a professional to have the brains to quit! Just imagine who's left on the Burris staff. Our guess: a head of lettuce, an elderly cat, and a half-empty Pez dispenser.

Burris consultant dumps on Burris p.r. team. Memo. [Chicago Sun-Times]


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