Former Bush Lackey To Speak At Kennedy School, You Are Not Invited

Dog-wrangler, pen-fetcher, legendBlake Gottesman, the former personal aide and hand-sanitizer pimp to President Bush, got into Harvard Business School even though he never graduated from college. And now he will divulge his "leadership secrets" at a super-exclusive, by-lottery-only "Brown Bag" luncheon for students at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government on April 2! (We are not sure what these Brown Bag affairs are, but we are pretty sure it will come up in the Matos-McGreevey divorce proceedings.) Our double-secret undercover operative informs us that "a grand total of two 'lottery' slots have been claimed." Hurry up and claim your spot, K-Skool losers! You have till midnight tomorrow. [John F. Kennedy School of Government]


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