Former Corrupt Admin Official Offer to Lobby for Free

How could you say no to that face? - WonketteJ. Steven "Steve" Griles went from coal lobbyist to Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of Interior, proving that the American Dream is still a reality.

Then it all came crashing down. He was forced to resign after his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff were made public. Last month he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. And now he's being forced to perform community service. Griles, of course, uses definitions of "community" and "service" that might not quit match our own.

Because Griles asked the judge if he could maybe perform his community service with the American Recreation Coalition, a fun-loving lobbying organization fighting night and day to establish our right to go snowmobiling in national parks.

We think the judge should grant Grile's request, and we hope any appeals court will strongly consider Scooter Libby's request to voluntarily head the World Bank for 500 hilarious hours.

Greenwire Breaks Story on Griles "Community Service" [POGO Blog]


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