Former DC Cop Thinks Guns Are Cool, Now

All at once, please: WhatevsFormer D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey (currently installed in Philadelphia) wants to world to know that living in a city with legal handguns, a higher per capita homicide rate than New York City and the highest homicide rate for African-Americans among all major U.S. cities has helped him make up his mind about the D.C. handgun ban. He thinks the ban's a bad thing. In fact, he says, "Personally I never had a problem with gun registration. I think there needs to be reasonable control over hand guns, registering a hand gun is a reasonable control." Although he's now a big fan of "reasonable" controls, Ramsey twice testified before Congress that eliminating D.C.'s handgun ban was a bad idea. Whatever, dude. I know misery loves company but maybe you could just shut up this once? [NY Times, Christian Science Monitor, WTOP News]


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