Idiot: Brian Kemp’s Unpossible GA Primary Win Obvious Voter Fraud!

Idiot: Brian Kemp’s Unpossible GA Primary Win Obvious Voter Fraud!

Last week, Donald Trump’s hand-picked stooge David Perdue lost the Georgia governor’s primary against incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp. Well, lost is too benign a description. Perdue had his ever-loving ass kicked. Kemp curb-stomped the former senator 74 percent to 22 percent. The results were so lopsided it’s unclear if even Perdue’s immediate family supported him.

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Trump wasn’t on the ballot but his gross finger was heavily on the scale. It’s hardly a surprise that he’s not accepted this loss graciously. Tuesday, Trump’s website linked to an article by Twitter-banned hack journalist Emerald Robinson (no relation). Its headline reads "ICYMI: Something Stinks in Georgia.” (From personal experience, the culprit is a water treatment plant on the South Carolina border. You get used to it.)

Robinson’s article, published on her cleverly named “The Right Way” Substack, claims voter fraud is responsible for Perdue’s humiliation. C’mon, at least some credit is owed to a righteous God.

Let’s begin with a basic truth that most of the corporate media continually ignore or obscure: President Trump’s endorsement is the single most powerful force in the universe of American politics.


She goes on like this:

Trump’s endorsement basically won the race for JD Vance in Ohio, and for Ted Budd in North Carolina. In Pennsylvania, his endorsement did the same thing for Doug Mastriano in the governor’s race. This has happened again and again in 2022. Remember, Trump’s record is 92-7.

That’s what makes the primary results in Georgia last night so curious and so suspect.

Georgia is the only state where President Trump’s endorsements did not count.

Sherlock Robinson — what my mother called me whenever I missed something obvious — fails to observe that Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia are all different states with different slates of primary candidates. Trump carried Ohio and North Carolina in 2020. However, a majority of Georgia voters picked Joe Biden, and Trump has spent the past year insisting that didn’t happen. Ted Budd ran against former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCroy, who no one much likes, and JD Vance beat Josh Mandel, a man who aspires to achieve the naked charisma of Ted Cruz.

On Primary Day in Georgia, Kemp gets 74% and Perdue gets 22%. Nobody in any election in America gets 74% of the votes. Ever. It doesn’t happen.

Obvious fraud.

Ahem ...

Chart shows Marjorie Taylor Greene winning primary with 70 percent of the vote.Ballotpedia

Maybe voter fraud isn’t obvious until you hit 74 percent of the vote.

Although Trump willingly shared this loon’s rambling drivel, he is fully aware that Perdue straight-up lost. He’s reportedly dismissed Kemp as an “embarrassment” and “lazy.” That last one has to sting coming from the guy who spent most of his presidency rage tweeting cable news.

Trump has moved on to the next name on his enemies’ list, Rep. Liz Cheney. He was in Casper, Wyoming, this weekend to campaign for Cheney’s primary opponent, Harriet Hageman. A poll from Club for Growth, which supports Hageman, has her well ahead of Cheney. However, Trump is worried that Wyoming Democrats might vote in the Republican primary and save Cheney.

The fear in Trump’s orbit, according to four advisers, is that so many Democrats will switch over and vote for Cheney that she can make the race closer than people expect.

If Trump’s spite mission succeeds, Cheney will still maintain her dignity, unlike, say, Rep. Nancy Mace in South Carolina. She’s actively running on how much Trump sucks.

Meanwhile, Kemp's allies are looking to broker a tentative peace with Trump. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that no one’s naive enough to think Trump would endorse Kemp, but they hope they can prevent him from spreading more unhinged election conspiracy theories.

And the last thing senior Republicans want to see is a redux of what Trump told thousands of supporters last year in Perry, when he trashed the governor on stage and said he’d rather voters elect [Stacey] Abrams than a second term of Kemp.

Trump is hella petty so no one should put it past him to deliberately sabotage Kemp’s campaign. Of course, I’d hate to think that on election night, Trump was joining me in celebrating Stacey Abrams’ victory, but I’d get over it.

We leave you with Emerald Robinson’s 2014 host reel for your viewing enjoyment.

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