Former 'Post' Reporter Leonard Zelig Reports for Jury Duty

The Post today takes a look at how jury selection's going over at the Scooter Libby trial. It ain't easy, it seems, to find impartial jurors in Washington, DC.

And a former Washington Post reporter whose editor was now-Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward; he went to barbecues at the house of NBC's Tim Russert, a neighbor, and just published a book on the CIA and spying.

We eventually get a series of fantastically detailed clues as to this potential juror's identity.

* Worked at the Post Metro section, edited by Woodward.

* "Until recently," lived "across an alley from Russert." Attended parties with Walter Pincus.

* Best friend plays in an over-40 football league with Libby -- Libby "has a great arm."

* Went to grade school with Maureen Dowd.

Prime jury material, obviously. Here's the bit where you leave in the comments or email to us your guesses as to the gentleman's secret identity. He was obviously a total dick at the Post, because they've stopped just short of revealing his social security number here.

In Libby Trial, Big Names Make Jury Picks a Tall Order [WP]

And the dude also once shared a cab with George Stephanoupolous. Did he tell you that too? No?! [whatever already!]


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