Actress and environmentalist Darryl Hannah was one of hundreds protesting outside the White House every day this week, because of the Obama Administration's filthy anti-environmental policies that give billions to energy corporations. Here is some sad video of Hannah being arrested by Obama's goons.

The Vancouver Sun reports from Washington:

Actress Daryl Hannah, famous for her movie roles in Splash and Wall Street, was among dozens of anti-oilsands activists arrested Tuesday at the White House in ongoing "sit in" protests against TransCanada Corp.'s proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

"Stop the Keystone pipeline," Hannah shouted as she was being handcuffed by SWAT team officers. "No to the Keystone pipeline."

Hannah is the latest high-profile environmentalist to go to jail, with her arrest coming on the 10th day of a planned two-week civil disobedience action. The protests are aimed at persuading U.S. President Barack Obama to reject Calgary-based TransCanada's application for a permit to build the 2,700-kilometre pipeline.

What's the saddest thing? Seeing your unicorn have a mermaid arrested, because she loves nature. [Telegraph/Vancouver Sun]


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