Fort Bend County Judge to be Capped

Cheer up, everyone -- Tom DeLay may remain in Congress until the Earth collides with the sun, but at least we no longer have to fear for our safety when we cross him in dark alleys. As Reliable Source reports today, DeLay, whose concealed-weapons permit was revoked when he was charged with a felony, may be SOL:

DeLay's lawyer filed an appeal in February, but a Fort Bend County judge quietly dismissed it last month, according to court records, on what looks to be a bit of a technicality (DeLay didn't send the state public-safety officials a certified copy of his petition).

Not that Tom "I Am the Federal Government" DeLay really gives a shit what some county judge says. Still, the embarassment -- to be forced to give up your guns and serve another term in the House of Representatives!

Reliable Source [WP]


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