Foster Friess Is Already Doing The Lord's Work For Mitt Romney On Teevee


Foster Friess, a gadgets/apps blogger at Foster's Campfire Blog who also has hundreds of millions of dollars, is letting the Mitt Romney campaign know very early on that if it wants his sweet, sweet SuperPAC money that had been going to Rick Santorum, it will permit him to go out of his way to embarrass himself and everyone associated with him on television, whenever he wants. Now who'd like a metaphor?

And so, to yesterday's cable news spot:“There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other. Now that they have trained their barrels on President Obama, I hope his teleprompters are bullet-proof." The LA Times suggests that Friess was using "gun imagery" here. We just don't see it, liberal media.

This guy is funny, is all we're saying. He's a comedian. Was he literally encouraging Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum to assassinate the President of the United States? Naw, that's just some homespun country talk from ol' Foss. Heh heh boy howdy, I do declare, motherfuckers.



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