FOUR MORE YEARS! Liveblogging Bush's Greatest Speech

Uhhhhh .... - WonketteThe greatest war ever is four years old today, and that means Bush will say something on the teevee for a few minutes, possibly about how much he loves guacamole.

Begun this liveblogging has ....

* Oh, he's standing in front of the bookshelf again.

* Did he just say Iraq's constitution "opposes the rule of law"?

* "Success will take months" .... So the SURGE didn't work, either.

* Wow, Bush celebrated four years of murder with a conference call.

* "Still in the beginning stages."

* "Needs more time to take effect."

* I hear camera shutters, which is probably just a clever sound effect done with ProTools.

* OMG the Iraqi prime minister actually briefly visited one part of the country where everybody wants to blow him up.

* More Iraq Spending Now!

* From commenter JamesMichaelCurley: "Some Bozo in the Executive Office ACTUALLY ADVISED Bush to remind us that this war has gone on 116 days longer than World War II?"

* "Pack up and go home" is Bush's new "cut and run."

* Rat Eyes thinks getting troops out of Iraq would be "satisfying." So "we cannot allow this to happen."

* 9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

* Hey you guys (and gals) who got killed or maimed or driven insane by Bush's folly: He appreciates it.

* That was it? THAT WAS FUCKING IT?

* Immediate response from Fox News: "It's a strong message."


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