Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Tells Trans-Bashing Goons To F*ck Off. Again.

Sucks 2 B U, haters

Transphobic potty police have everything going for them except common sense, science and the law. They sure do know how to make a scene at Target, though! But in the spirit of Nice Time, and in the spirit of The Law, we bring you a happy update to a story we told you in April, of a trans student in Virginia who sued his school board to be able to use the bathroom that matches his gender identity, at school.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]In the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board, a three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals had overruled the lower district court, saying that student Gavin Grimm absolutely did have the right to go to school and pee peacefully and prosperously in the boys' bathroom, with the other boys. But the school board was like "OUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS, THAT TRANSGENDER IS GONNA WHIZ ON THEIR HEADS, WE RECKON!" So the board asked the Fourth Circuit for an en banc hearing, which is a liberal French term meaning "all the judges on the court."

And, being liberal and probably French, the court has just told the board, once again, to fuck off:

“Now that the 4th Circuit’s decision is final, I hope my school board will finally do the right thing and let me go back to using the boys’ restroom again,” said Grimm, a high school junior. “Transgender kids should not have to sue their own school boards just for the ability to use the same restrooms as everyone else.”

Huh, radical concept right there, Gavin!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]So the court continues to agree with the Obama administration and Loretta Lynch's Justice Department  -- which is suing North Carolina, a state that is ALSO under the Fourth Circuit's jurisdiction -- that this sort of discrimination is a clear violation of Title IX (and also too other federal laws). Likewise, it is unpersuaded by the school board, and by extension, all the whiny, bitchy states who feel they are being deprived of their sacred right to punch trans people in the face, and are thus suing the federal government to preserve that right. Poor babies!

So this is just great! Mr. Gavin Grimm gets to use the potty -- he had been holding it a long time! -- and all the transphobic dick-snugglers get to be very sad.

Hey, wonder what butthurt dumbfuck North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory thinks about this, since the ruling has repercussions for his state? Oh look, a statement from the governor!

In case you'd rather pick lint out of your dad's navel than read that driveling bullshit, the funny part is where McCrory weeps and bangs his hick boobies together about how "the extreme Obama courts" are imposing this on everybody.

The judge who wrote this "Fuck Off" ruling was originally placed on the federal bench by that "extreme Obama" liberal known as President George W. Bush.

So HA HA HA and EAT SHIT, wingnuts, literally nobody loves you anymore.

[Politico / The New Civil Rights Movement]

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