'Fox & Friends': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Puppet Because Girls Are Stupid

Post-Racial America
'Fox & Friends': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Puppet Because Girls Are Stupid

Conservatives thought they'd pegged New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: She was just some common Bronx bartender and/or a secret Westchester heiress named Sandy. Either way, she was as dumb as a box of hair. But at a couple recent congressional hearings, Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated the readiness and intellectual rigor of someone who probably took her own college admissions exams.

This obviously didn't earn Ocasio-Cortez any grudging respect from conservatives. No, they've just plunged feet first into the murky waters of racist sexist conspiracy theories. This morning on "Fox & (White) Friends," former governor and loathsome human Mike Huckabee first expressed shock that AOC is such a major figure, as if Fox hasn't devoted more air time to her than any other freshman House member.

HUCKABEE: You know, it's amazing how big a deal she has become, to be a 29-year-old with no major accomplishments to her credit other than making some really bizarre policy pronouncements about the New Green Deal.

Guys, for the umpteenth time, it's the Green New Deal. Remember how FDR instituted the "New Deal" in response to the Great Depression? This is the environmental -- or "green" -- version of that ambitious program. It's not like there's already a Current Green Deal or even a raggedy Old Green Deal that Ocasio-Cortez is trying to remake like the lady Ghostbusters.

Huckabee also accuses Ocasio-Cortez of "getting rid of the Amazon jobs in New York," which is just a flat-out lie. He then suggests that the "best thing" Donald Trump and the GOP have going for them is if Ocasio-Cortez "continues to be the face of the Democratic Party." We guess when you have no positive policies or outcomes for Americans, you can always just point to the young, attractive, smart lady and say, "Not us!" Can this get any dumber? It can indeed, because co-host Brian Kilmeade has some "thoughts."

KILMEADE: Somebody's writing her questions. I saw the questions at Michael Cohen and saw the questions at Wilbur Ross. And there is some forces behind her. I think there's a story there.

Yes, the "story" there is that Kilmeade is a racist sexist pile of toenail clippings. It's like the hearings were the latest Star Wars film. What he saw obviously wasn't real. It was all special effects and clever use of CGI. AOC was probably just Andy Serkis in a motion-capture suit the whole time.

HUCKABEE: Well, there very well could be. I know there has been some allegations she that was almost like the Manchurian Candidate, recruited, prepared.

"Recruiting" and "preparing" someone for a political career isn't The Manchurian Candidate. It's politics. It's one thing to argue that a politician is a product of focus groups and "on-brand" market testing. It was commonly believed that George W. Bush rarely expressed an idea that someone else didn't plant in his head. The difference is that the go-to pop culture reference for empty suit politicians is usually and less repulsively The Candidate starring Robert Redford. The Manchurian Candidate is a Cold War political thriller about Communist sleeper agents which is properly applied to Donald Trump. This isn't a harmless dig. Huckabee is slandering a sitting congresswoman on live TV.

The people who have made the Manchurian Candidate allegations to which Huckabee grossly refers are primarily wackadoodle fringe conspiracists on YouTube. He is now openly feeding their racist and potentially lethal delusions. The titular Candidate meets a gruesome end.

Conservatives played this sick game with Barack Obama, who was also accused of serving un-American ends. This continued up through the 2016 election when Obama wasn't even on the ballot. Now they seek to invoke an "otherness" in the New York-born Ocasio-Cortez. They keep doing it because they've seen it produce results. We need to make sure it no longer does.

[Media Matters]

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