Fox Hosts First 2012 Debate Between Real Ron Paul and Fake Obama


Fox Business Channel host and former Barbara Walters page boy John Stossel likes Ron Paul, so why not throw the show over to him for a little propaganda? That's what Fox does best; may as well keep to the formula. Just insert a squirrel-voiced "Obama impersonator" and voila, you've got yourself a real live straw man.

But wait, aren't television networks supposed to give "equal time" to the candidates? Yes, that sounds like a law that exists! But libertarians don't believe in regulation, and if they don't believe laws should exist, they don't have to follow them, right?


Tonight I devote my entire FBN show to Congressman Paul.

I bring in an Obama impersonator for him to debate. Will their debate foreshadow the 2012 Presidential campaign? Probably not, but who knows?

Who knows! Ron Paul could be named the GOP nominee, Obama could die of shock, and the Republican Party could cover it up by hiring a squirrel-voiced impersonator to replace him in the debates, on the campaign trail, in reading stories at bedtime to his children, and in having sex with his wife. Yes, this sounds like something that could happen. Very foreshadow, John Stossel. Very foreshadow.

Is there a way Ron Paul could have seemed any more presidential in all of this? Perhaps if he did this debate in a dunk tank, while masturbating, drinking straight from a box of Franzia? And instead of this fake "Obama," he debated a blind puppy? Yes, that does sound more presidential, but this was pretty good too. [Media Matters/John Stossel]


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