Fox Nation: Did Obama Voter Fraud All Of Philadelphia?

In fifty-nine Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney received zero votes.

Fifty-nine. Zero. Italics.

Fox Nation posts this Philadelphia Inquirer article, leaving their commentariat to worry that maybe Obama totally vote-frauded the city, and Romney would have won if not for Obama's grand scheme to totally eliminate Republicans from 3.5% of the total precincts in Philadelphia, a city he won with 85% of the vote.

Unfortunately for all who hope that this is the secret key to unlocking the vault of voter fraud, these results aren't really suspicious so much as the result of virtually all-Democratic neighborhoods where the only registered Republicans are nonexistent (voter registration fraud, hm?).

Although voter registration lists, which often contain outdated information, show 12 Republicans live in the ward's third division, The Inquirer was unable to find any of them by calling or visiting their homes.

Four of the registered Republicans no longer lived there; four others didn't answer their doors. City Board of Elections registration data say a registered Republican used to live at 25th and York Streets, but none of the neighbors across the street Friday knew him. Cathy Santos, 56, founder of the National Alliance of Women Veterans, had one theory: "We ran him out of town!" she said and laughed.


Eighteen Republicans reportedly live in the nearby 15th Division, according to city registration records. The 15th has the distinction of pitching two straight Republican shutouts - zero votes for McCain in 2008, zero for Romney on Tuesday. Oh, and 13 other city divisions did the same thing in 2008 and 2012.

Three of the 15th's registered Republicans were listed as living in the same apartment, but the tenant there said he had never heard of them. The addresses of several others could not be found.

Even the Republicans that do exist are, um, actually Democrats.

James Norris, 19, who lives down the street, is listed as a Republican in city data. But he said he's a Democrat and voted for Obama because he thinks the president will help the middle class.

A few blocks away, Eric Sapp, a 42-year-old chef, looked skeptical when told that city data had him listed as a registered Republican. "I got to check on that," said Sapp, who voted for Obama.


On West Albert Street, Duke Dunston says he knows he's a registered Republican, but he's never voted for one.

The answer is obvious: the CIA infiltrated black neighborhoods, stole all the Republicans, and wiped the memory of everyone else who was weak and susceptible to the government's trickery (read: black).

John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary Magazine,  is on the Tweet machine railing about how it's really suspicious that in overwhelmingly black, poor neighborhoods, Barack Obama is winning 100% of the vote in some precincts, because statistics.

Or you might be insane if you think cherry-picking a subset of a voting populace and declaring "voter fraud" based on those particular results is a normal thing to do. Maybe.

[Fox Nation]


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