Fox News Analyst Found Out He Was Fired Via Google Alert


Behold the bathetic tragedy of (former!) Fox News liberal-ish analyst Marc Lamont Hill, who found out that he had been fired via Google Alert. How nightmarish! So last week at some Fox shareholders meeting, someone asked Rupert Murdoch why this Marc Lamont Hill loves nothing more than when cops are killed. Puzzled, Murdoch knew not! "Oh... ha. Marc. Yeah he's... fired. Marc is fired," "said" Murdoch. Thing is: Marc had not been fired—in the sense that no one had approached Marc and told him he no longer had a job—but the Internet printed the story anyway!

So then Marc went on the Steve Malzberg radio show to talk about how fucked up this is:

"Yeah I eventually – I got a Google alert at 11 o’clock [a.m.] that it had been announced that I’d been fired. After that, I guess someone followed up later in the day, you know because I was sort of trying to figure out what was going on. … I found out that it was true but other than that I don’t have any other information. … I haven’t had any thorough conversation with anyone."

He later Twittered: “You ever had anyone break up with you by text?” which is even understating the case a bit. It's more like finding out you've been dumped by reading on your Facebook Mini-Feed that you're no longer "in a relationship." Ugh, except it's actually even worse than because the person you were "in a relationship" with was Rupert Murdoch. 1,000 Google Alerts for "sympathy" for Marc Lamont Hill.

[Think Progress]


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