Fox News Apparently Pro-Riot Now So Long As It’s About Spreading COVID-19

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Fox News Apparently Pro-Riot Now So Long As It’s About Spreading COVID-19

Anti-vax protesters swarmed New York City's Barclay Center Sunday in support of Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving, who they seem to believe has a constitutional right to play professional basketball while unvaccinated. Muhammad Ali was a courageous conscientious objector to an unjust war, and Irving is, well, a goofball who objects to needles.

According to the New York Post's Brian Lewis, the protesters chanted “Stand with Kyrie" (I hope not too closely). I'd love to know how those anti-vax protesters felt about the NFL blackballing Colin Kaepernick because he knelt during the National Anthem.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade opposed Kaepernick's peaceful protest and wasn't even sure what he was so upset about. After all, hadn't America bestowed upon him two white parents? However, Kilmeade expressed his support Monday for Irving's childish refusal to protect himself and his teammates from a deadly virus. He even thanked the rally organizer John Matland:

There's so many great people who feel the same way about the vaccine, on all different education, all different backgrounds; they just are not being listened to. John, thanks for standing up, appreciate what you're doing.

Kilmeade admitted that the anti-vaccine mob that tried to storm the Barclay Center like it was the Capitol in January "got a little overzealous," which he doesn't support. Amazingly, he's able to distinguish between the lawful protesters and the violent mob. They aren't all collectively terrorists. Of course, last September, Kilmeade wanted to round up police violence protesters and treat them like al-Qaeda.

Matland told Kilmeade unprompted that his protest this weekend was in partnership with Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, a designer imposter fringe group with no official connection with the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Last summer, Fox News promoted controversial statements from BLM New York leader Walter "Hawk" Newsome in ongoing efforts to smear the entire movement. Donald Trump denounced a quote from Newsome as "Treason, Sedition, Insurrection!" (The answer to this “Jeopardy!" question is “What are three things that Trump himself would attempt in a few months?")

During the love-fest interview, Kilmeade never mentioned that Matland had teamed up with a group that his own network had claimed wanted all cops dead. That should tell you all you need to know about Fox News.

Monday, former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather tweeted his support for Irving in a video where he declared that "America is the land of the free. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and supposedly, freedom to choose."

Yeah, if you've raised a teenager, you can guess where this goes.

Choice is defined as an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. America gave us the choice to take the vaccine or not take the vaccine. As time moves on, that choice is gradually being stripped from us.

This definition of choice is incredibly juvenile and thus very American. If your choices have consequences, they argue, you're not free at all. This is the core of the problem with anti-vaxxers. They want to make choices that impact others but they protest most bitterly if anyone freely responds to that choice. As the great American rapper Thomas Jefferson said, “Every action has an equal opposite reaction."

Anti-vaxxers have freely made their choice. They must accept the consequences, the worst of which will have nothing to do with playing professional basketball or eating inside a restaurant. Their willful ignorance is quite simply a deadly choice.

[Media Matters]

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