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Oh look, Fox News is being racially transcendent again! We predicted after the White House Correspondents Dinner, AKA Nerd Prom, that the race experts at Fox News and other shining lights of the wingnut-igentsia would treat us to weeks upon weeks of how it's super unfair how Larry Wilmore got to call Barack Obama "my nigga" on TV, but white people aren't supposed to say it AT ALL. Many still do, of course, around the dinner table with their white families, but they know the P.C. police are probably waiting outside their houses to take them to liberal agenda jail. This makes them :(

The outrage started almost immediately, with Fox's Todd Starnes having a Twitter pee-gasm about how OH MY STARS! it was to hear a black person use that word. And now another Fox idiot, Martha MacCallum, has a sad too:

I tell my kids never to use that word, right? So then they see this on the dais and they say like, how come some people can use it and other people can't use it? And It's funny when some people use it. It sends a very -- it's kind of a divisive message actually because it makes you feel like you know, that there are different rules for different people. And if you can get away with it, then it's okay.

Oh, Martha! Come here and sit at Wonkette's feet and let us explain something. When you are a mommy and something confuses your kid, it's your job to try to help them make sense of things. You can have a great discussion about history and how that word has always been used as a tool of oppression when white people hurl it toward black people, but that sometimes marginalized groups ...

Ugh. That's what Martha just did right now, while we were trying to help her. What an asshole.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]She would probably rather go cry delicious white tears of jealousy with her fellow Fox employees Steve Doocy and the aforementioned Todd "The Alleged Pee Enthusiast" Starnes, or maybe call her former colleague Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the Snapchat. Those folks were all very upset together back when Barack Obama said the N-word in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings, so maybe they can have a little support group where they talk about the tyranny of how they're not 'posed to say that word but whisper it into each other's mouths anyway.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]After Martha made her complaints known, the next person to respond was obviously black conservative Kevin Jackson, who reassured her that if a white person had said it, they never woulda gotten away with it, so who's the racist now? Not white people, perish the thought! Jackson is one of those black guys who thinks other black people would be OK if they were wingnuts like him, but doesn't seem to like them otherwise.

Jackson explained why, according to the dingleberries in his brain cavity, Larry Wilmore said the bad word:

Larry Wilmore essentially knew ... all these great supposed journalists could not say what he just said to the president and get away with it. This is the wussification of America ...


We said it the other day, but black conservatives are kinda weird, y'all.

Anyway, fuck these trolls, we are bored of them and they should get off our TVs forever.

[Media Matters]

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