It would be nigh impossible to summarize the presentation from House managers Wednesday in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. As the day progressed, lead manager Jamie Raskin and his team enacted a play-by-play of the day of the Capitol attack incited by Donald Trump, going minute by minute, and we got to see security camera footage that showed us — and senators — just how close the mob of rabid terrorists came to them. We heard the police freaking out on their radios. We saw Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman literally save Mitt Romney from accidentally running headfirst into the angry mob.

The managers — especially Stacey Plaskett, delegate from the US Virgin Islands — masterfully prosecuted the case from the very beginning of Trump's incitement, many months before the election, when he debuted his Big Lie that any election result that did not show him as the clear victor was a fraud. They built the case brick by brick, showing how Trump's words had already led to violence committed by the same groups that gathered that day at the Ellipse, and that Trump was well aware of that. And they showed how thoroughly committed Trump was to doing absolutely nothing about the attack he caused, after he gave those same groups who had committed violence for him the "go" signal to attack the Capitol.

If we were to try to summarize it, we'd just say that if you don't vote to convict Donald Trump and bar him from ever holding office again after yesterday's presentation, there is something severely wrong with your brain and your soul.

So of course Fox News spent its day trying to make sure nobody really saw yesterday's presentation. They were like the media version of seditionist Senator Josh Hawley, who reportedly spent much of the presentation upstairs in the Senate gallery with his feet on the chair in front of him, performatively working on other things. (To be fair to Hawley, maybe he was just worried he'd get a boner in front of his friends when the managers played the most graphic scenes of the attack he also helped incite, and that's why he hid upstairs.)

Politico Playbook reports on a fight that happened on Fox's "The Five" yesterday, as Juan Williams lambasted his four co-hosts for ignoring the impeachment trial, which they thought was a waste of time.

Williams accused his co-hosts of dodging the news because it's damaging to Trump: "So this today, Wednesday, this impeachment trial you guys are all ignoring, I guess you are afraid of it …" [Greg] Gutfeld fired back at Williams, shouting, "Please don't mind read. Don't mind read! Don't mind read!" Williams doubled down, saying, "You don't want to deal with the news!" Gutfeld accused Williams of attacking his own colleagues. The show carried on for the rest of the hour without another mention of impeachment. Topics included Biden's promise to get kids back to school, a national anthem controversy, a hacker who tried to poison a Florida water supply and, finally, the Zoom cat.

"The Five" comes on at 5 p.m. According to Wonkette's liveblog, that was about when House managers were showing footage of exactly how and why Capitol Police had to open fire on insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt, who was trying to push through the shattered windows and doors to get to the House lobby, where members were being evacuated. Also during that hour, they showed senators being evacuated, Officer Goodman protecting Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer having his own near-miss with the terrorists, and more.

Shortly afterward, while the Senate was on dinner break, Maine Senator Angus King said on MSNBC that a Republican member, not one of the ones who's been voting with the Democrats this week, told him they hoped everybody in America was seeing the House managers' presentation. Apparently not if Fox News has anything to do with it!

Mediaite has more transcription and (unembeddable) video of "The Five," so check that out if you want to.

Another time Fox News cut away from the impeachment coverage happened during "America Reports" with hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith. Apparently they just needed to talk to GOP Rep. Steve Scalise about how really DEMOCRATS should be getting impeached, for all the violence THEY incite, and waaaaaaaahit's unfair Democrats always impeach Trump waaaaaaaaaah "Russia hoax" waaaaaaaah the impeachment trial is a "Hollywood production" waaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahhahWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHWWAAAAAAAAHwwaahahhwhahahhawhhahahhhahhhawaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (Rough transcript.)

Scalise is also under the impression that this past summer, "they were burning down cities, murdering police officers in droves, murdering civilians in droves." If you didn't hear about that, it's because you don't live in a fevered Republican wet dream about what happens when two or more Black people gather to stand up for their right to not get murdered by cops in cities where white conservative racists don't live.

Last night, after Jamie Raskin blessed us all by letting us go home at a semi-reasonable hour, Fox News continued its primetime coverage with Tucker Carlson saying Democrats were making up stories about the Capitol attack just to seed their narrative, introducing a new conspiracy theory what says that ACTUALLY George Floyd did not die by cop, it was just a drug overdose. Tucker said that whole thing, which we all saw on video, of the cop killing Floyd, of the knee on his neck for over eight minutes, was a "carefully concocted myth." If that reminds you of the imaginary conservative conspiracy theory where Matthew Shepard was not murdered in a hate crime, but rather in a drug deal gone bad, it should. Oh, the new and shiny ways white conservatives will find to absolve themselves of responsibility!

Afterward, Sean Hannity whined and bitched that the impeachment trial was "devoid of facts" or "compelling evidence," then he had Lindsey Graham on to whine and bitch some more:

"The not-guilty vote is growing after today. I think most Republicans found the presentation by the House managers offensive and absurd," Graham [said].

He and Hannity also embraced the argument — an argument addressed by the House managers earlier — that "if there's pre-planning, there's no incitement."

Except for how the Democrats spent hours yesterday connecting the dots, showing how Trump's incitement lasted months and months, because nobody has ever argued it was JUST Trump's speech that morning.

After that, Laura Ingraham had Newt Gingrich on to whine and bitch that the impeachment trial was "a mock trial in which the party of Hollywood has put together a series of films designed to make us so upset," and to say Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should be on trial instead. Yep.

All these people are going to hell.

[Playbook / Mediaite]

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