Fox News: Did We Say Biden BANNING Delicious Cheeseburgers? We Meant ... Not That! Our Bad.

The past few days, we have been treated to conservatives on Fox News and on Twitter just absolutely losing their shit because they believe President Joe Biden has announced his intentions to pry the cheeseburgers from their cold, dead hands.

QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted telling Biden to stay out of her kitchen and Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott was all NOT IN TEXAS! and Donald Trump Jr. was telling us he ate four pounds of red meat YESTERDAY, so thoughts and prayers for his morning constitutional.

Current Fox Business idiot/former Trump White House idiot Larry Kudlow had a conniption, wondering what's next, PLANT-BASED BEER? And no less than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer participated in the pile-on while watching the Oscars, making fun of Kudlow and wondering what kind of meat-based beers he thinks he's used to.

Thing is, it had started on Fox News. As ultimate factchecker Daniel Dale explains, it all came out of Fox News's shoddy reporting on a Daily Mail story about a science article about things that could help greenhouse gas emissions, a story that had zero to do with Joe Biden. Ainsley Earhardt pushed the bullshit on Friday, Larry Kudlow lost it on Fox Business, John Roberts said you're going to have to "say goodbye to your burgers if you want to sign up to the Biden climate agenda."

Jesse Watters said on Saturday, "Americans are going to have to cut their red meat consumption by 90% in order to reduce emissions to hit Biden's target. That means you're only allowed to eat four pounds of red meat a year. That adds up to a burger a month. That's it." There had been no "target" set by the Biden administration for limiting Americans to one burger a month. It was literally all made up.

But the morons had their raw red meat, literally, and they spent the next several days performatively chewing on it.

Yesterday on Fox News, John Roberts, one of the idiots who had originally pushed the made-up bullshit story, was like oh no, did we say Joe Biden is BANNING red meat? We meant to say ... something different! The opposite of that! Our mistake! Our innocent and simple mistake! Everybody makes 'em!

ROBERTS: On Friday, we told you about a study from the University of Michigan, to give some perspective on President Biden's ambitious climate change goals. That research, from 2020 [explained] that cutting back how much red meat people eat would have a drastic impact on harmful greenhouse emissions.


ROBERTS: The data was accurate, but a graphic and the script incorrectly implied that it was part of Biden's plan for dealing with climate change. That is not the case.


All fixed now, we guess! We will naturally expect Republican elected officials and wingnut personalities to stop shrieking about Biden stealing their sweet burger meats any old time now.

Hey, idea! Maybe next John Roberts can do a correction for every other story Fox News has been making up bullshit about since the 1990s.

Maybe explaining to viewers that Dr. Seuss didn't actually get canceled and nobody literally sliced off Mr. Potato Head's spud-peener would be good places to start.

Any. Old. Time. Now.

Haha, we are joking, Fox News is a garbage propaganda organ mostly meant to keep white supremacist septuagenarians enraged, they regret nothing.

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