Fox News 'Doctor' Just Asking If Joe Biden Has Dementia, That's All


This is a video of a Fox “News” “Medical” correspondent visiting Fox and Friends to argue that Joe Biden is either a drunk, obnoxious asshole OR a senile, drunk old man with dementia. Apparently these are the only explanations for interrupting someone that isn’t Jim Lehrer—being an obnoxious asshole, or having dementia.

First they play a clip of Paul Ryan begging for mercy while Joe Biden exposes his lies about Medicare, and then cut to guy-who-is-not-Steve-Doocy fake bantering with lady-who-is-not-Gretchen-Garlson. “Dr.” Ablow is then asked for his professional opinion, which is that “Joe Biden has shown tremendous disregard for the opinions of others” because something about lying about how good he performed in college. (We found this part confusing, but whatever, it’s Fox & Friends and we went into it with low expectations. So far, we are not disappointed.) But it’s not just that Joe Biden has a low regard for other people’s opinions — isn’t  “bizarre laughter” and “interrupting” indicative of something more serious, like dementia? He’s just saying, that’s all, just throwing it out there, just asking a question, because after all, Dr. Ablow doesn’t TREAT Joe Biden; he just goes on Fox & Friends and speculates about the mental health of people he DOESN’T treat. Anyway, this line of reasoning was too stupid even for lady-who-isn’t-Gretchen-Carlson, who pointed out that Joe Biden’s command of details was inconsistent with a dementia diagnosis and that the substance of what he was rattling off — within the context of what he believes, of course — was solid. No problem, says Dr. Ablow, “facts” and “knowing facts” is not an issue. You can have dementia and know “facts,” and in that case, we look forward to the day that he “diagnoses” Rush Limbaugh live and on the air.

[Media Matters]


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