Rightwing Dullards Gonna Keep Telling Us COVID-19 Vaccine Is Just Like Holocaust

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Rightwing Dullards Gonna Keep Telling Us COVID-19 Vaccine Is Just Like Holocaust

Republicans are obsessed with comparing the COVID-19 vaccine to the Holocaust, the one in Germany where six million Jewish people were systematically murdered. It's gross and offensive and they just won't stop. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called officials and volunteers encouraging vaccinations “medical brown shirts" and Rep. Lauren Boebert claimed President Joe Biden was sending “Needle Nazis" to your house to force you to get vaccinated and maybe even buy Tupperware.

Friday, John Bennett, chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, compared private companies requiring that employees are vaccinated to Nazis forcing Jewish people to wear the yellow Star of David on their clothes.


Bennett's a little late to the shitty party. Greene made the same gross comments in May, and she was awarded with a field trip to the Holocaust Museum. Bennett can just buy a ticket. He doesn't have to insult the memories of six million dead Jews to gain admission.

After even his fellow Republicans distanced themselves from his grossness, Bennett doubled down and insisted that this was just the start of a vaccine Holocaust.

BENNETT: When they put [the star of David] on the Jews, they weren't sending them directly to the gas chambers, they weren't sending them directly to the incineraries. This came before that.

Forcing Jews to wear yellow badges was part of the Holocaust! At least 30,000 Jewish people were executed for failing to wear the Star of David, as opposed to private businesses denying the willingly unvaccinated access to happy hour chicken wings. The US government would like as many Americans vaccinated as possible so they don't die. The Nazi government wanted all Jews dead. This is a somewhat important distinction.

Bennett also claimed that the government is "using the private sector to do their business for them," which is apparently “communist." He is not an intelligent person.

David Brody, host of The Water Cooler on the Real America's Voice network, tried to argue Tuesday that any mandates for “this very experimental vaccine" would violate federal law. He couldn't resist invoking Nazi Germany.

BRODY: So why? Well, because it would violate a little thing called the Nuremberg Code, a code mentioned on the FDA website — not pizzagate.com or conspiracy.net — the Nuremberg Code emphasizes that people cannot be forced to take experimental drugs without their full consent.

Take the damn vaccine or you can't see a live sporting event might seem like hardball but it still legally qualifies as “full consent." Conservatives who take a “stop whining and get another job if you're unhappy with all the sexual harassment" are now suddenly pontificating about “voluntary consent."

Anyway, here's a link to the full Nuremberg Code so you can see how wrong Brody is on a point-by-point basis.

In case you never picked up a history book, Nazis didn't pressure Jews into taking vaccines for the express intent of keeping them alive. Scientists at the Dachau concentration camp carried out "so-called freezing experiments on prisoners to find an effective treatment for hypothermia. Prisoners were also used to test various methods of making seawater drinkable." Jews risking their lives so Nazis could win the war and continue killing Jews did not in any way benefit the Jewish people.

BRODY: Now, look, I'm not saying the COVID vaccine is going to make you grow a third arm or anything like that. Here's the point. I don't actually know what it could do to you. No one does.

Yes, we do know what the vaccines will do: Dramatically decrease your chances of dying from COVID-19. That liberal conspiracy known as science has shown that the most serious side effects from any vaccine would occur within a few weeks. The COVID-19 vaccine isn't a medical Manchurian candidate.

BRODY: Actually, Dr. Fauci knows [what the vaccine will do]. He simply knows everything. I'm dripping sarcasm when I say that.

The Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver joined Brody in diminishing the horrors of the Holocaust. They both agreed that the “sirens should go off and we should stop this" while claiming the willingly unvaccinated are experiencing discrimination rather than simply the consequences of their own actions.

STAVER: We're repeating the dark history of Nazi Germany and we're not learning the lessons that the Nuremberg Code and those Nazi experiments should have taught this generation.

Nazi scientists tested experimental bone-grafting procedures on concentration camp prisoners. They exposed them to mustard gas and developed “cheap and efficient" methods for the mass sterilization of Jews and other “undesirable groups." While President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci were among the first to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele kept their sorry asses far away from the sterilization experiments and seawater tastings.

These anti-vaxxers who keep bringing up the Holocaust have no respect for the millions who suffered and died not terribly long ago. Meanwhile, their deliberate malice and willful ignorance is only adding to the COVID-19 death tally.

[Media Matters]

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