Fox News's Chris Wallace Doesn't Wanna Hear Your GOP/Trumper Election-Denying Bullsh*t

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Fox News's Chris Wallace Doesn't Wanna Hear Your GOP/Trumper Election-Denying Bullsh*t

Chris Wallace is the Fox News host who has the program on Sundays where they don't even have a cooking segment for Best New Fall Recipes To Feed A Crowd Some Horse Deworming Paste For Football Watching Parties. We don't know if the other Fox shows have that cooking segment, but maybe they need to and maybe they should pay us a lot of money for the idea right now, because their viewers would love it.

POINT IS, Chris Wallace is one of the few actual journalists in Fox News's employ, which means he is very bad at being a Fox News host. And he went on Stephen Colbert's liberal agenda program last night to shill his new book, and he had this very dickish thing to say about Republicans who are just trying to destroy American democracy so that Dear Leader Donald Trump may be restored to his rightful position in the White House and also as a bigger and better replacement for the highly overrated Jesus Christ, who isn't near as good a savior as Trump is:

WALLACE: There are plenty of people who were the leaders in the Congress of challenging [the election] that I just have not had on the show ever since [January 6], and have purposefully not had on the show, because I don't frankly wanna hear their crap.

But having said that, there are some leaders that you have to ask them questions. There are people in leadership and the Senate and I won't let them come on without putting them through the wringer.

Wallace told Colbert he's seen a lot of bad shit in his time, but nothing like what we deal with now, with people lying about the election being stolen and lying about the terrorist attack Trump incited on January 6, which Wallace called "one of the worst days" he's ever experienced in Washington. He said he was "sickened" by it.

Of course, a lot of the people Wallace works alongside every day were decidedly not sickened. We do wish he'd talk about that. We wish he'd talk about what it's like to pass Tucker Carlson in the hallway, that guy who devotes so much of his on-air time to outright lying about the nature of January 6, and who the insurrectionist terrorists were that day. We wish he'd say what that feels like.

But oh well, he didn't say anything about that. Still, it was nice to see one of Fox's most important hosts tell those Republicans on live liberal agenda TV that he literally doesn't want to hear their shit, and that's why they haven't been invited on his show.

Would be nice to hear it from more "good" Fox News hosts, haha just kidding there aren't any, the end.


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